NY Speeding Tickets Have a NYC Traffic Violation or NYC Speeding Ticket? Get a New York Traffic Lawyer with Years of Experience

Dealing with New York’s speeding ticket

(Speeding ticket in NY) is a non-criminal moving traffic violation but it does not mean that a violator easily gets off the hook. Basically, New York City is overflowing with so many people, tourists, and the traffic is horrible.

NYC conducted a two-day crackdown on speeding that resulted in nearly 5,000 thousand tickets given to violators on the road. The Police Department reported that they have issued over 4,814 summonses. The recent speed limit default in New York City is about 30 MPH although a bill is presented to lower the speed to 25.

If you are among the unfortunate recipient of a (NYC speeding ticket); two options are available: give a guilty plea and pay: or plead not guilty and schedule a hearing. With a ticket, you are now facing a fine worth hundreds of dollars plus court charges.

Fines, number of points and others:

Your traffic fines and other costs related to the violation will depend on several factors, such as the: (1) type of violation; (2) number of points on your driving record; (3) the court handling your case; and (4) the County where you received the ticket.

If it is a NY State Police officer who gave you the ticket, call the court handling your case or the TVB for the exact amount. The amount is determined by the seriousness of your offense and the type of ticket you received. For example: a ticket for speeding, a red light ticket, and other moving violations. If after inspecting your driving record it shows that you have accumulated 6 points within an 18-month period; you will be given additional fines and penalties.

Speeding ticket and your car insurance

If you get a (speeding ticket in NY), the premium paid for your car insurance will be affected. For speeding 30 MPH over the limit, your insurance premium will be increased by 15%. At least, it is not the most expensive violation as reckless driving with 22% with a seatbelt infraction of only3%.

Plead guilty or fight a speeding charge:

When a motorist gave a guilty plea to the charge; he must pay the fine, add points on his license and pay higher insurance rates. Many prefer to give a not-guilty plea and fight the charges. This choice means you are fighting to prove yourself innocent of the charges. You need to hire a (speeding ticket lawyer) for he is an expert in this case and has all the aces on his sleeves to make you win.

Generally, the police and prosecutors want the accused to admit guilt to speeding charges as it will facilitate their jobs.

In most cases, your defense counsel can get a dismissal that means that all charges are dropped and no fines or penalties are paid. Sometimes, when the prosecutors have evidences that the accused was really speeding, the lawyer can get a reduction in fines and points. 

It is reasonable to fight speeding ticket:

1. You have opportunity to avoid paying excessive fines and surcharges;
2. You can prevent additional points in your license;
3. You can avoid paying higher insurance premiums;
4. You can avert possible suspension and revocation of your license;
5. You take away the possibility of state fines from the New York Driver Responsibility Assessment; and
6. You will be saved from losing your job for you still have a valid driver’s license or CDL.

Advantages of a Speed Ticket Attorney:

The downside is that you have to pay a fee; but hiring the services of a (speeding ticket lawyer) will be your greatest advantage in the long run. He has years of training and experience in practicing his trade and will surely get your ticket dismissed or minimize. He will look for evidences favorable to your case and will study all possible loopholes to increase your chances of getting a better outcome. He will study the specific strategy and tailor it to the court where your speeding ticket is being handled.

He is a licensed professional and adept in giving advice to defend you, to negotiate on your behalf and to prepare your case for trial. You do not even need to spend a day in court; waste time and money traveling to court and waiting for hours on scheduled hearing of the case.

The nightmarish impacts of getting a (NYC speeding ticket) will be alleviated when you have a legal counsel to represent your case in the traffic court.

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